Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart by Cogswell’s Project X [image]

Worlds Apart, the award-winning animated film created by “Project X Productions” at Cogswell College, is now available on YouTube! I worked as the Music Production Engineer for Worlds Apart back in 2011 as production finally wrapped. My job was to assist composers Jeremiah Dias and Cameron McLaughlin in creating a score that was tailor-made for the film, and stayed true to the director’s vision.

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Navagraha by Speed of Sound / “Mars”

Navagraha by Speed of Sound

Navagraha by
Speed of Sound [art]

Navagraha by Speed of Sound is now available for free on Bandcamp (enter $0).

I helped with the creation of this album, and composed my own track, “Mars“, on which Subramanya Ananda and Cameron McLaughlin perform. [lossless mirror]

Navagraha is an album (nearly) completed over two days, with final mixing and mastering done not long afterwards. “Mars” is one of those tracks completed in its entirety over roughly a 24hr period.

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Dec. 2012 Status Update

The InStereoType group, who will release the album, AuRen [tentative title].

I’ve been working on a good deal of original music this year, and there are several tracks I’ve created that are either complete or 99% there. Unfortunately, most of them are for albums that are not yet finished. I’m not going to give time estimates on any of these, since they are not solely under my control, and are always subject to change. However, I’d at least like to share the names of the albums and tracks to list the “coming attractions”.

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Cogswell Game Development Club Logo

This is an example of my graphic design and illustration work. The school’s mascot is a dragon, so I devised my own little dragon character for inclusion with the textual and other graphical elements. I created the entire logo in the span of a week, and added some additional effects soon afterwards. I may make some further improvements in the future, but I feel this is a good state for public display, and I’m happy with how well I was able to execute the creation.

Cogswell Fusion Awards Winner

Tonight I had the honor of winning the award for best Music Composition at the Cogswell Fusion Awards. Jum Alpha Laboratory (Fusion Mix)[mp3] beat out six strong entries from other students. I thank everyone who voted for me. It’s truly encouraging to know that, even as a first-term student, I’m getting recognition for my ideas and skill. With the vast amount of knowledge I’m learning at this school, I can only assume next year’s entry will be even better.

As a note, “Fusion Mix” is essentially the same as the original version from my Admission Portfolio but looped/faded. Nevertheless, it’s available from the preceding link.

Creative Commons License

Jum Alpha Laboratory (Fusion Mix) by Kaleb Grace is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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