Monocle Man, Available on OUYA

Monocle Man on OUYA [title screen]
Monocle Man on OUYA
[title screen]
Last month, the Ouya game console had its official retail launch. One of the launch titles, Monocle Man, was my most recent game scoring project. Combining work from Davain Martinez, Glen Jackson, Cameron McLaughlin, Richard Ash, and myself, I produced a 10-track chiptune (8-bit) soundtrack for this quirky puzzle-platformer about a sentient, dapper grain of sand.

Indie Statik has a great interview with my pal, Aaron Weingarten, the lead game designer for Monocle Man. It’s worth checking out to learn more about the game itself.

The finished music (included in an update that came soon after the retail launch) contains reworked versions of the classic Monocle Man tunes from yesteryear, as well as several original pieces. The music was made with a unique blend of FamiTracker and Magical 8bit Plug, as well as some additional instruments for special cases. I personally had a great time writing and producing the music, and found it to be a very invigorating learning experience.

Later this year, I will be releasing a free Monocle Man soundtrack album featuring remastered original music, prototype tracks, and exclusive remixes from some very talented guest musicians! It will be the definitive Monocle Man music experience. I will be making a post here as soon as it launches, so if you follow my updates, you’ll be the first to find out!

[A candid note about the state of the music as it is heard in-game: Due to circumstances beyond my control, the quality of the in-game audio is less than what I had provided to the developers in my assets. Being knowledgeable in Unity and all things game audio, I was able to create and deliver a fix to Summer Door Games for implementation. Unfortunately, they have not submitted a new build to the Ouya store, nor have they contacted me with reasons for their delay. Nevertheless, I can promise that the upcoming album release will provide the music as it was intended to be heard. Thank you for your understanding!]

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