Cogswell College Branding Animation

Cogswell College Branding Animation

I did music and sound design for this Cogswell College branding animation.

Last semester I created original music and sound design for a Cogswell College branding animation, which was a special project coinciding with my Digital Sound Design class. This video recently premiered on YouTube for your viewing (and listening!) pleasure.

My job on this animation was twofold. My first task was to take a melody from instructor and audio director, Julius Dobos, and arrange it for chiptune, which I did using FamiTracker. You will hear this retro electronic style in the beginning of the video. My second task was to create sound design for the animation (which would later be combined with other students’ work). As a result, you can hear my custom sound effects sprinkled within this animation, including some 8-bit sounds which I also created with FamiTracker.

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