Cogswell Fusion Awards 2013 Wins

Cogswell College Fusion Awards 2013 Music Production Trophy

This past month, on June 22nd, Cogswell College hosted the 2013 Fusion Awards, which gave me what is likely my greatest level of music recognition to date. I won TWO awards, and was nominated for an additional two categories!

My wins were Best Music Production for Monochromatic [download], a track I composed and produced for a console game in development, and Best Game for Wizard Prison, a title I am currently working on in various capacities, including as the sole programmer. (The latter award was shared amongst the development team.)

I received a Best Music Composition nomination for “Mars“, from the Speed of Sound album Navagraha, trumping a dozen other entries. I also received a Best Engineering nomination for the Unity music manager script I wrote for one of my game audio implementation projects.

These awards come on top of the accolades from my (early) college commencement ceremony this past May. I had the great honor to give a speech as the Salutatorian for Cogswell College’s Class of 2013, and earned an Outstanding Student Award “for excellence in digital audio and demonstrating outstanding creativity and technical prowess”. This has been one very accomplished summer!

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