Second Shot — Game in Development

2015-12-03e Logo HQ [LH, KG]

Second Shot is a fantasy shoot-em-up adventure game in development by my personal studio, Spectrum Nox Media. I serve as the game’s producer and programmer, and I have a small team of friends helping me work on it. Last month, we had a successful presentation of a Second Shot prototype of at MIVS (MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase). We had so many people wanting to play it, we had a challenge just finding a way to let everyone get a turn! It was a blast connecting with gamers and getting their feedback on the game.

Visit the website to learn more, and follow Second Shot (#SecondShotGame) on social media to keep up to date!

Monocle Man, Available on OUYA

Monocle Man on OUYA [title screen]
Monocle Man on OUYA
[title screen]
Last month, the Ouya game console had its official retail launch. One of the launch titles, Monocle Man, was my most recent game scoring project. Combining work from Davain Martinez, Glen Jackson, Cameron McLaughlin, Richard Ash, and myself, I produced a 10-track chiptune (8-bit) soundtrack for this quirky puzzle-platformer about a sentient, dapper grain of sand.

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Cogswell Fusion Awards 2013 Wins

Cogswell College Fusion Awards 2013 Music Production Trophy

This past month, on June 22nd, Cogswell College hosted the 2013 Fusion Awards, which gave me what is likely my greatest level of music recognition to date. I won TWO awards, and was nominated for an additional two categories!

My wins were Best Music Production for Monochromatic [download], a track I composed and produced for a console game in development, and Best Game for Wizard Prison, a title I am currently working on in various capacities, including as the sole programmer. (The latter award was shared amongst the development team.)

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