Tinman Soundtrack and Chroma Preview

Tinman Soundtrack by Kaleb Grace [art]

Tinman Soundtrack is now available for free on Bandcamp (enter $0). [lossless mirror]

Also, “Monochromatic” is available for free on SoundCloud. This chiptune style track is a sneak preview of the soundtrack to Chroma, a 2D platforming game in development for the Ouya.

Tinman Soundtrack Track List:

  1. Tinman In-Game
  2. Tinman Title (Unused)
  3. Tinman In-Game (Original Mix)

Tinman Soundtrack Notes:

This is the soundtrack for Tinman, a game created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2013. Even with the intense time limit of the event, my own time was limited further. Due to other obligations, I only came into GGJ part-time, and while there, I worked on sound design for two other games before starting the music for Tinman. The team was looking for some ambient industrial music, but then later suggested that I add more elements to make it action-packed. I spent somewhere under 6 hours on the music, so the mix/master job was “economical”.

Given the extra time between the game’s release and whenever I decided to release the soundtrack, I had time to go back and refine the mixes, and thus the first two tracks of the album feature these upgraded mixes. The second track is actually an unused track — whether this was based on choice, accident, or lack of time is unknown to me, though I successfully delivered all assets to team members before departing. The third track is the high-resolution version of the music as heard in the game.

This soundtrack was created with Logic Pro 9, Reaktor (SteamPipe 2 & SubHarmonic), Sylenth1, Kontakt and extra percussion samples. Several presets were used.

Tinman (Soundtrack) Credits:

Music by Kaleb Grace

Game Credits:
Title Logo – Jody Calderón
3D Art – Jose Mayo
Additional 3D Art – Darrell Atienza
Programmer, Sound Engineer – Tim Meng
Programmer, UI Artist – Adam J. Piskel
Lead Programmer – Michael Vaganov
Unity Guru – Mitch Thompson

Creative Commons License

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