Navagraha by Speed of Sound / “Mars”

Navagraha by Speed of Sound
Navagraha by
Speed of Sound [art]

Navagraha by Speed of Sound is now available for free on Bandcamp (enter $0).

I helped with the creation of this album, and composed my own track, “Mars“, on which Subramanya Ananda and Cameron McLaughlin perform. [lossless mirror]

Navagraha is an album (nearly) completed over two days, with final mixing and mastering done not long afterwards. “Mars” is one of those tracks completed in its entirety over roughly a 24hr period.

However, the beginning melodies of “Mars” come from an idea I had noted down almost exactly two years ago. The guitar melodies are original material graciously provided by Subramanya.

“Mars” was made in Logic Pro 9 with several samples from standard Kontakt 5 libraries. I had a little bit of extra time to bring in Subramanya and Cameron to improvise live instrument parts over my work. Also, Cameron lent me a Theremin patch to use, which is very fitting, and much appreciated. Robert Kirby recorded/edited the live stuff, and applied some processing to this track as he mixed it.

“Mars” Credits:

Music by Kaleb Grace

Guitar by Subramanya Ananda (in 3 takes).
Additional Drums by Cameron McLaughlin (in 2 takes).

Recorded, edited, and mixed by Robert Kirby.
Mastered by The Creative Shop Mastering Studio.

Navagraha Credits & Special Thanks:

Album Art: Won Ho Kim (Additional Art / Layout by Kaleb Grace)
Back Photo: NASA
Special Thanks: Cogswell College, Tony Dias, Will Reichenthal, Evan Peebles, David Manley, Julius Dobos, Dr. Timothy W. Duncan

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