Cogswell Game Development Club Logo

This is an example of my graphic design and illustration work. The school’s mascot is a dragon, so I devised my own little dragon character for inclusion with the textual and other graphical elements. I created the entire logo in the span of a week, and added some additional effects soon afterwards. I may make some further improvements in the future, but I feel this is a good state for public display, and I’m happy with how well I was able to execute the creation.

Cogswell Fusion Awards Winner

Tonight I had the honor of winning the award for best Music Composition at the Cogswell Fusion Awards. Jum Alpha Laboratory (Fusion Mix)[mp3] beat out six strong entries from other students. I thank everyone who voted for me. It’s truly encouraging to know that, even as a first-term student, I’m getting recognition for my ideas and skill. With the vast amount of knowledge I’m learning at this school, I can only assume next year’s entry will be even better.

As a note, “Fusion Mix” is essentially the same as the original version from my Admission Portfolio but looped/faded. Nevertheless, it’s available from the preceding link.

Creative Commons License

Jum Alpha Laboratory (Fusion Mix) by Kaleb Grace is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Cogswell Admission Portfolio

My Cogswell Admission Portfolio consists of three music pieces I finished in 2010 that I submitted to Cogswell Polytechnical College for their consideration. The three tracks are as follows:

  1. SoAm Title Concept
  2. Jum Alpha Laboratory
  3. A Nomad Calloused by the Years

These stand as my earliest solo music compositions to be completed. I hope that in the future, I can look back at these to see how far I’ve come!

Creative Commons License

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