Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart by Cogswell’s Project X [image]
Worlds Apart, the award-winning animated film created by “Project X Productions” at Cogswell College, is now available on YouTube! I worked as the Music Production Engineer for Worlds Apart back in 2011 as production finally wrapped. My job was to assist composers Jeremiah Dias and Cameron McLaughlin in creating a score that was tailor-made for the film, and stayed true to the director’s vision.

During 2012, the film was selected for numerous film festivals around the globe, where it won several awards. Now, in 2013, it enjoys a public release. Cheers to everyone on “Audio X” (the Project X audio team) for such spectacular work!

[Before concluding, it’s important to clarify that the director chose to have two different musical scores for Worlds Apart. The first one was created by Cogswell students such as myself, and is the score featured in this original version of the film. The second one was done by Chad Seiter, and can be found in an alternate version.]