Dec. 2012 Status Update

The InStereoType group, who will release the album, AuRen [tentative title].

I’ve been working on a good deal of original music this year, and there are several tracks I’ve created that are either complete or 99% there. Unfortunately, most of them are for albums that are not yet finished. I’m not going to give time estimates on any of these, since they are not solely under my control, and are always subject to change. However, I’d at least like to share the names of the albums and tracks to list the “coming attractions”.

In addition to the original work, I have started work on a couple VGM arrangements that will used as final projects for some music classes this semester. Afterwards, I will likely spend further time tweaking and polishing before releasing them. I’m aiming for a level of quality that will allow them to be accepted onto OverClocked ReMix.

And now, without further ado, the titles…


  • Navagraha – “Mars” (featuring Subramanya Ananda & Cameron McLaughlin)
  • ineffable states of son├ómbula [tentative title] – “Cloudy”, “Creeping Forest Stream”
  • AuRen [tentative title] (as Tortoisone) – “Shuriken”, “Screaming”, maybe one more
  • Chroma Soundtrack [tentative title] – “Monochromatic”, “Ebony & Ivories”, and more

Arrangements [original track titles listed only]:

  • Ninja Warriors Again (Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, N. Tate) – “Ending” (ft. Anna Sheree, et al)
  • SaGa FRONTIER II (Masashi Hamauzu) – “Einsamkeit” (based on piano version: “╬▒” 1)

If curiosity strikes, please contact me! Thanks for reading. =}