Circa 2012: Demos & Singles

Circa 2012: Demos & Singles
Circa 2012: Demos & Singles by Kaleb Grace [ art ]

Circa 2012: Demos & Singles is a selection of unfinished tracks written circa 2012, as well as some finished tracks that were born around that time. Most of this music was created for projects that never came to fruition. I had planned to continue work on the unfinished business, but it is now the end of the road for most of these pieces. This album is not the peak of my music production abilities, but I had fun writing these melodies, and hopefully you will enjoy listening to them. Feedback and critiques are appreciated. =}

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“Screaming” by Tortoisone & adubthedrummer

"Screaming" by Tortoisone & adubthedrummer
Screaming” by Tortoisone & adubthedrummer [ art ]

Hard trance track “Screaming is officially released. Created under the Tortoisone name in collaboration with electronic music producer adubthedrummer, this progressive EDM track has high energy, heavy beats, and screaming synths. “Screaming” is free to stream and download. Also check out the new progressively psychedelic & kaleidoscopic video!

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