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May 2017 Status Update

Life continues to go smoothly for me in 2017. I have graduated from my contractor status to become an official Disney employee, where I continue to maintain some of their most popular mobile games. I’ve also relocated to Burbank in order to be closer to the office, and I’m enjoying it so far.

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Kaleb Grace “Going Pro” in Post Magazine Article

Kaleb (Post UEMP)

Post Magazine recently published an article about me titled Going Pro: Programmer Kaleb Grace. The article summarizes my education and life after high school, and explores the connection between my work as a software engineer and a video game music composer. I am grateful to Post Magazine and Cogswell College for the spotlight on my career thus far!

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Dec. 2012 Status Update

The InStereoType group, who will release the album, AuRen [tentative title].

I’ve been working on a good deal of original music this year, and there are several tracks I’ve created that are either complete or 99% there. Unfortunately, most of them are for albums that are not yet finished. I’m not going to give time estimates on any of these, since they are not solely under my control, and are always subject to change. However, I’d at least like to share the names of the albums and tracks to list the “coming attractions”.

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