“Screaming” by Tortoisone & adubthedrummer

"Screaming" by Tortoisone & adubthedrummer
Screaming” by Tortoisone & adubthedrummer [ art ]

Hard trance track “Screaming is officially released. Created under the Tortoisone name in collaboration with electronic music producer adubthedrummer, this progressive EDM track has high energy, heavy beats, and screaming synths. “Screaming” is free to stream and download. Also check out the new progressively psychedelic & kaleidoscopic video!

Another Tortoisone track, “Shuriken”, is currently in the mixing stage with an estimated release in early 2014. Both Shuriken and Screaming were originally intended to part of an album released by the InStereoType group (and likewise took some input from our friends here). This album was recently cancelled, but the music will prevail!

Fun fact: A radio edit of Screaming was once distributed under the artist name “Gustavo Blaze” (representing both Tortoisone and adubthedrummer). However, this duo name was later dropped in favor of the individual artist names.

Screaming” by Tortoisone & adubthedrummer ©2013. All rights reserved.

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