Tortoisone Launch

I have officially launched a new alias for myself: Tortoisone

This is to be used for commercial electronic music productions. My other music compositions, including game soundtracks, will continue to use the name Kaleb Grace.

Two Tortoisone tracks will be published in the coming months. One of them, “Shuriken”, has already received a nomination for Best Music Composition at the 2012 Cogswell Fusion Awards. Out of 16 entries, it placed in the top three. Coincidentally, the winner of said award, adubthedrummer, is the co-producer for my other track, “Screaming”.

In other news, I have two different tracks which are also to be released in the coming months, though as Kaleb Grace. These are “Creeping Forest Stream” (improved from last time), and “Cloudy” (a very short piece).

As soon as any of these tracks are finished and available for download, I will let you know!

P.S. Logo version updated.