Nov 2018 Status Update

18 months later, much has changed! Continue reading to hear about…

  • My professional journey through new gaming companies
  • The game I released on Steam: Wizard Prison
    (precursor to Second Shot)
  • New tools I created for the Unity game engine that you can use
  • Future game projects in development
  • And more!

In November of 2017, I resigned from Disney. I moved up north to care for my ailing mother and explore other game dev possibilities. I worked remotely for MidBoss Games while my mother recovered, and then I joined them in the SF Bay Area. After several months, I realized I needed the resources of a larger company, so I parted amicably from MidBoss. I prepared for my job hunt by training with Coursera and Outco. After many interviews, I accepted an offer from MZ, where I am currently working on an exciting new project for them!

Parallel to all that, I’ve been working on several projects. Wizard Prison, the spiritual predecessor to Second Shot, was released on Steam this past Halloween. I was the sole programmer for this game, handling all systems, including physics, graphics, and interactive audio. Wizard Prison is completely free, so download it now! It may seem odd to release an older version of a game I’m currently developing (Second Shot), but it has a complex development history with a lot of different people attached. I’m glad to finally close this chapter of history and release this game for the public to enjoy. I also have to thank Glen Jackson for initiating this and putting so much work into publishing and promoting the game. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to buy the soundtrack!

I’ve also been doing a lot of work with Unity, including the development of a couple experimental libraries. Currently I have KRG and MAVERICK, which you can learn more about on their respective READMEs. These may end up merging and/or transforming into something completely different; only time will tell. I also created a very interesting plugin, tentatively titled Pix2Mesh, which I will end up releasing either on GitHub or the Unity Asset Store. Follow me on Twitter to get notified when it is released.

Last but not least is a quick mention about two other games I’m working on. The first is called In Brilliance And Obscurity (which is actually just the new title for “Secret of Arkmagia”). The second is an Untitled Action Platformer game. While I can’t say anything further about these games at this time, I’ve already poured a ton of time and effort into them. I hope to show some real results in the coming year, so check back later for updates. Thank you for reading! =}

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