Kaleb Grace “Going Pro” in Post Magazine Article

Kaleb (Post UEMP)

Post Magazine recently published an article about me titled Going Pro: Programmer Kaleb Grace. The article summarizes my education and life after high school, and explores the connection between my work as a software engineer and a video game music composer. I am grateful to Post Magazine and Cogswell College for the spotlight on my career thus far!

It is also a good time for a status update. As the article touches upon, I have been working at game developer Twistory Entertainment Studios since February of this year. I’m currently in the role of development manager, where I help to keep the development team’s tasks organized and on track, amongst many other duties. Chiefly, I still work as a full-time programmer, often on the mobile title Belle’s War. However, I also had the opportunity to dust off one of my old FamiTracker compositions for use in the game Ouch! Couch. This piece of music — improved and expanded upon by Javier Kadry — was used as the main theme for the game. I will attempt to share this on my site in a future post, though in the meantime, you can listen to it for free in Ouch! Couch Zero for Android and iOS devices.