July 2024 Status Update

Hello, readers! Here’s another yearly update announcing SHURICOON, our progress on Triads, and some serious family news.

SHURICOON is my new musical moniker! Listen to all my work as SHURICOON on SoundCloud.

SHURICOON—a portmanteau of “shuriken” and “raccoon”—is the successor to my prior alias, Tortoisone. While my fondness for turtles is eternal, I feel a raccoon better suits the faster, rapid-pace music I aim to create. I’m thrilled to finally release my 2012 track “Shuriken” under this new name! Although it was written over a decade ago, I still have much room to grow as a composer, having focused on my primary roles as a director and developer instead. Nevertheless, I’m excited to produce new material and explore new sounds whenever possible. A friend even created a cute mascot for me, so go check it out!\\ ;3

Triads: In Brilliance And Obscurity is still in pre-production. We made great progress in 2023, and I was over the moon to commission the legendary Square Enix composer Hiroki Kikuta to compose music for Triads. I’m also collaborating with several other talented individuals, but I don’t want to spoil anything further at this time.

We have a lot of work to do before I’m comfortable showing this game to the public, so I’m tight-lipped but eager to move the project forward. The greatest challenge is not simply making a good game but creating a unique experience that will be enjoyed for years to come. This may require interim steps to achieve the big picture or a major reinvisioning of the project, but it’s always on my mind and we will make it happen!

Finally, I have some personal news to share, though it comes with a heavy heart. Just days after my previous update, I learned of my father’s passing. Despite our ups and downs, I want to honor him with a respectful mention. As a bass guitarist and singer, he was a musician himself and always supported my musical endeavors. Thank you, Dad. May you rest in peace.

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