Sep. 2011 Status Update

It has been over six months since my last post, so I wanted to give a status update. I’ve laid my hands on a few different projects, including Worlds Apart, the Cogswell blog, “Creeping Forest Stream”, and Clark & Dagger. Details as follows…

Worlds Apart is the second film by Cogswell’s Project X. It is a 3D animated short. Jeremiah Dias (pictured left) and Cameron McLaughlin (pictured right) composed music for it, and I helped a bit on the technical side during the last few months of production. Read the article linked in the following paragraph to learn more. Regarding when I’ll have some work to show from this film, there’s a mandatory veil of secrecy surrounding it, and the situation recently became a lot more complicated. All I can do now is wait and hope.

The Cogswell blog (or “Cogswell Confessions”) was something I wrote for over the summer as part of my job as a student worker. The blog is currently on hiatus, but you can still read the articles I wrote:

  1. A dire trend in today’s game music (& how you can fix it)
  2. My first video game soundtrack
  3. Working on the music of Worlds Apart
  4. Scoring with musical genres and themes

In case any of these links go down, I have an archive of the blog articles.

Creeping Forest Stream is a WIP (work-in-progress) stand-alone music track I shared on Facebook and SoundCloud a couple months ago. When it’s in a proper “Demo” state, I’ll post it on my website. For now, follow the link on the title to hear my current progress. UPDATE: The track is finished. The link will now take you to the final version.

Clark & Dagger is a game in development by a group of Cogswell students. I took charge of the music aspect, and have enlisted Cameron McLaughlin for collaboration, which I’m finding to be very beneficial. I can’t say anything else past plans and speculation right now, so I will simply return with music when the time is right. ;}

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