Clark & Dagger Released

Clark & Dagger has been released for download (free). I worked with Cameron on the music, and also designed the Cogswell Game Dev Club logo that you see when starting up the game (I will post a finalized version of the logo on my site later).

The music was tricky to write because Brody (the lead developer) was looking for a specific style and we had to adapt our methods to try to achieve it. Near the end, Brody listened to my track “Space Ambience” from I Can Has Your Planet? and decided he wanted a modified version of it as the main level theme for this game, so I obliged and Cameron went to work on the drums and arrangement. The track Cameron and I were working on beforehand (which went through multiple versions) ended up as the tutorial theme.

I want to release a soundtrack, but there may be further work done on the music in the near future, so this can be addressed once everything has settled. The game has been entered into the Independent Games Festival 2012 Student Competition, so we have potential for a wide audience and “prizes priz-izes”. For more information about the game, read the Cogswell blog post.