I Can Has Your Planet? Original Score

I Can Has Your Planet? Original Score is now available for free on Bandcamp.

I am also hosting a mirror of the ICHYP? album in lossless quality, should there be any problem with Bandcamp.

This is a two-track score created for I Can Has Your Planet?, a product of Global Game Jam 2011.

Track List:

  1. ICHYP? Main Theme
  2. Space Ambience


I was tasked with creating the music and gathering other audio assets during the 48 hours my team had to create the game. Due to helping with the design of the game proper, as well as food, sleep, and other diversions, the time I actually spent on the music was probably around 12 hours. The music itself was created entirely in Logic 7 on a old PowerPC Mac at my school. No state-of-the-art hardware or software here.

To maintain the integrity of the original sound version, the changes made for this album are reduced to the bare necessities. Both tracks have been gained/compressed to increase the volume. They have also been looped/faded for smoother listening. Otherwise, they should sound exactly like they do in the game, imperfections and all.


Music by Kaleb Grace.

Illustration provided by Team “Four Refugees & Their Cat”.

Creative Commons License

I Can Has Your Planet? Original Score by Kaleb Grace is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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