Kaleb Grace “Going Pro” in Post Magazine Article

Kaleb (Post UEMP)

Post Magazine recently published an article about me titled Going Pro: Programmer Kaleb Grace. The article summarizes my education and life after high school, and explores the connection between my work as a software engineer and a video game music composer. I am grateful to Post Magazine and Cogswell College for the spotlight on my career thus far!

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Kali Yuga Time Machine by Speed of Sound

Kali Yuga Time Machine by Speed of Sound

Kali Yuga Time Machine by Speed of Sound
(art by Frankie Perez)

Kali Yuga Time Machine, the latest album by experimental artist group Speed of Sound, went on sale earlier this year. While Navagraha focused my energy into a single track, Kali Yuga allowed me to act in a team-oriented role, contributing to multiple tracks both as a composer and a performer. Head on over to Bandcamp and listen to the entire album for free! Also, check out the page on Cogswell College’s website to learn more about Speed of Sound.

Monocle Man Soundtrack Press

Nitro Game Injection

The Monocle Man soundtrack was featured on two episodes of Nitro Game Injection.

Some time has passed since the release of the Monocle Man soundtrack, so I wanted to share some of the attention it has received since then.

Nitro Game Injection, the rockin’ video game music radio show hosted by KyleJCrb and Larry Oji, featured tracks from Monocle Man not just once, but twice. Listen to episodes 245 and 247 to hear cuts from the album, as well as many other good tunes!

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Monocle Man Original + Arrange Soundtrack

Monocle Man Original + Arrange Soundtrack

Monocle Man Original + Arrange Soundtrack by Kaleb Grace [ art ]

Monocle Man Original + Arrange Soundtrack is a chiptune game OST and remix album in one, and it’s out now! I wrote ten tracks for the OUYA launch title, Monocle Man, and they are available here in a newly mastered Original Soundtrack. Next, I got eight talented musicians to remix these tracks for the all-new Arrange Soundtrack. Finally, I included six prototype/unused tracks from beta versions of the game, bringing the total to 24 tracks. Head over to Bandcamp to listen for free, and name your own price for a download!

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“Screaming” by Tortoisone & adubthedrummer

"Screaming" by Tortoisone & adubthedrummer

Screaming” by Tortoisone & adubthedrummer [ art ]

Hard trance track “Screaming is officially released. Created under the Tortoisone name in collaboration with electronic music producer adubthedrummer, this progressive EDM track has high energy, heavy beats, and screaming synths. “Screaming” is free to stream and download [ mp3 / flac ]. Also check out the new progressively psychedelic & kaleidoscopic video!

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Monocle Man, Available on OUYA

Monocle Man on OUYA [title screen]

Monocle Man on OUYA
[title screen]

Last month, the Ouya game console had its official retail launch. One of the launch titles, Monocle Man, was my most recent game scoring project. Combining work from Davain Martinez, Glen Jackson, Cameron McLaughlin, Richard Ash, and myself, I produced a 10-track chiptune (8-bit) soundtrack for this quirky puzzle-platformer about a sentient, dapper grain of sand.

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Cogswell Fusion Awards 2013 Wins

Cogswell College Fusion Awards 2013 Music Production Trophy

This past month, on June 22nd, Cogswell College hosted the 2013 Fusion Awards, which gave me what is likely my greatest level of music recognition to date. I won TWO awards, and was nominated for an additional two categories!

My wins were Best Music Production for Monochromatic[mp3], a track I composed and produced for a console game in development, and Best Game for Wizard Prison, a title I am currently working on in various capacities, including as the sole programmer. (The latter award was shared amongst the development team.)

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Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart by Cogswell’s Project X [image]

Worlds Apart, the award-winning animated film created by “Project X Productions” at Cogswell College, is now available on YouTube! I worked as the Music Production Engineer for Worlds Apart back in 2011 as production finally wrapped. My job was to assist composers Jeremiah Dias and Cameron McLaughlin in creating a score that was tailor-made for the film, and stayed true to the director’s vision.

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