Kaleb's iTunes for Windows VBScripts

Hi Everyone,

A while back, I put together a few scripts for my own use in the Windows version of iTunes. Today I realized that some of you might also benefit from these so I'm now making them available online. All scripts on this page are public domain (CC0) except for "play_count_-_set_currently_playing.vbs" which was created by Tiketti.

To use one of these scripts, first save the .vbs file of choice to your computer, have iTunes running and open, select (highlight) the tracks you wish to modify [or for some scripts, have the track playing], then open (double-click) the .vbs file you downloaded. A window will pop up instructing you on remaining steps. Note that these effects are not instantaneous. iTunes takes a little while to update all the data, but you can look inside iTunes to see it changing the info in real time.

All of these scripts come with confirmation prompts or dialog boxes to allow you the opportunity to cancel if run by mistake. These scripts have been tested and used extensively, primarily with Windows 7 and iTunes 10/11, but I provide no warranties or support. For your safety, I recommend trying these out on test data before applying them to important data to make sure they work properly for your versions of OS/software. Use these scripts at your own risk.

Since I am so busy with several projects, I unfortunately do not have time to respond to questions or comments about these scripts, so please do contact me about this subject. Nevertheless, thank you for your interest!


Play Count - Change SELECTED

This script allows you to change the play count for the SELECTED tracks in iTunes. This has two different methods of use:


This script allows you to set the play count of the track that is CURRENTLY PLAYING in iTunes. This was created by Tiketti, and thus does not carry the CC0 license that applies to the other scripts on this page.

Rating - Set SELECTED

This script allows you to set the rating for the SELECTED tracks in iTunes. This supports half-star ratings. Enter a number corresponding to the number of stars all selected tracks should have. Example: 0 = no stars. 3 = three stars. 4.5 = four and a half stars.

Rating & Plays - COPY / PASTE Selected

COPY Script & PASTE Script

This is a set of two scripts that work in tandem, so you must download both and keep them in the same folder. These allow you to copy & paste rating, play count, and last played date from one set of tracks to another set of tracks. You must have the same number of tracks selected for the source and destination. This is useful when you are upgrading the audio quality of an album with new files but want to retain all of your rating & play count info. The procedure works something like this:

  1. Select tracks in iTunes you want to copy data from.
  2. Run COPY script. (Temp file is created in script directory.)
  3. Select tracks in iTunes you want to paste data to.
  4. Run PASTE script. (Temp file is deleted from script directory.)
  5. iTunes will update data on second set of selected tracks based on data from first set of selected tracks.

Track Serialize

This script allows you to (for the selected tracks) fill in track numbers from 1 onwards, sequentially. This is good for an album that has its tracks ordered correctly in a playlist, but has missing or inproper track numbers. This will not set/change the total track number(s).

Additional info

If you find these scripts useful, please consider donating some spare change to me. Any amount would be greatly appreciated and would allow me to create/share more things of this sort!

To the extent possible under law, Kaleb Grace has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Kaleb's iTunes for Windows VBScripts. This work is published from: United States.

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