I’m passionate about games and other interesting projects. If you would like to work with me, or have me as part of your own team, please send an email to mail AT

If you have any difficulty contacting me via email, please use the form below to leave me a message.

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  1. Mubarak

    Hi Kaleb Grace ,

    May I ask when the game will be finished and release ? Or you stop development of the game ?
    Actually I’m curious to know how much monthly cost that you incurred during development ? How many team members you have ?

    Are you looking for funding ?? If we can talk about it


  2. jef Grace

    Hi Kaleb,

    I just thought about you. I think it’s your birthday today, am I right? Anyway… I haven’t wanted to deal with the rest of the relatives… life’s too short, so I don’t get ‘involved’.

    I did some searching, out of curiosity, to see if there was anyone alive…

    You seem to be doing very well for yourself. Smart and creative. I am impressed.

    I suppose you can contact me, if you like. I would like to hear more about your ambitions.

    I will check back every now and then, see what’s happening, on your site(s).

    – uncle Jeff

    1. Kaleb Grace Post author

      Hi, Uncle Jeff! Good to hear from you. Yes, it’s my birthday now. I totally understand about the relatives; even being connected by blood, many times it’s just hard to get along. But anyway, thanks for the compliments! I got a lot going on at the moment, but I got your email now, so I will try to contact you again soon using that. Take care! -Kaleb


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